Why ProShow

ProShow’s unique client tools and staff programs directly respond to client needs and on-site expectations…all focused on our clients’ success.

ProShow Proven Program Accomplishments:

“Ask Me”®

Exclusively part of ProShow’s brand enhances communication and fast action on the event floor. Guests are warmly greeted and directed through an on- site authentication process, a session, an exhibit and more.

Registration Gold Team

Keep your On-Site Registration lines moving with ProShow’s Gold Team Program. We require our pre-assigned registration staff to review on-site keying and/or process instructions in advance. That means we hit the ground running on Day 1, with staff who are familiar with your show technology and badge creation process. Less on-site training means a faster registration process for your guests!

“Great Job!”

Recognizes above and beyond performers in the moment so staff is inspired to give their best from Day 1 to close. Created in the late 90’s, this program has become a staple of ProShow’s customer service delivery to our clients. Recognizing awesome performance creates a positive vibe on site which feeds the event success for our clients.

Customer Service Certificates

We acknowledge staff who have successfully met ProShow’s customer service standards throughout their assignment. For the staffers, these certificates become a “badge of honor” building a loyalty to ProShow. We have dedicated, long term, certificate recipients who line up to work with ProShow the minute they hear we are coming to their area. Our clients benefit from this loyalty since repeat staff start out with a team spirit, becoming productive faster!

Client Tools

Management Process Checklist

A – Z how it’s done

Sample Client Timeline

Co-create and commit to follow the plan

Sample Communications Chart

We organize ourselves to ensure ease of communication and clarification of responsibilities on site.

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