Our Services

ProShow’s proven system of event staffing management and customer service training emerges from our core values. We collaborate with our clients, tailoring our services to enhance their customers’ experience. We plan strategically yet focus on the details we know it takes to launch a successful event. We live a “can do” attitude, connecting with our passion to make a difference in all we do.

ProShow delivers high- quality staff with exemplary customer service skills. To ensure a full staffing schedule, we provide extra trained staff, standbys, who can fill in as needed. Our professional management team challenges our staff to excel beyond expectations!

ProShow Event Staffing Management System:

A Process in 4 phases

Phase 1

  • Labor market analysis
  • Develop best staffing resources

Phase 2

  • Identify client needs/expectations
  • Co-create strategic plan
  • Create project activities timeline
  • Create project activities timeline
  • Create staffing schedule
  • Lead staffing resources’ placement process
  • Develop training plan

Phase 3

  • Activate on site management team
  • Implement training and coaching
  • Recognize best performance
  • Hold daily motivational huddles
  • Collaborate with all on site event partners
  • Track staffers’ hours accurately

Phase 4

  • Provide timely feedback to client
  • Appraise overall staff performance
  • Audit/reconcile staffing resources’ billing
  • Provide accurate client billing
  • Create customized detailed reporting

We have perfected our event staffing management system over 35 years.
Let’s talk about how we can make our process work for you.