Pro-Show, the national event staffing and management specialist
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Industrial Strength Customer Service

Not your corner temp agency, ProShow’s unique model of event staffing management has spread across the U.S & Canada in the last decade. Originating in San Francisco in the early 90’s, we cut our teeth on multiple sized & types of events, staffing up to 300 for one of our largest CA projects; we know the pitfalls to avoid and the mountains to scale in supporting our customers’ success.

We manage the event staffing process, A – Z so our customers can focus on their guests. That means we free up our customers from all the potential headaches of short term staffing while we deal directly with our vetted staffing partners to fulfill our customers’ requests.

But, let’s be clear, we work for our customers! Their goals are our goals! We do all the footwork in every city so our customers get the best of the best staff working their shows, consistent training, on-site management, team building AND competitive prices!


foto and caption - Job matching get staff in the right posi